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Spicy Lentil and Lamb pies

November 28, 2011
Spicy Lentil 'n' Lamb pies ready for scoffing.

People that know me, know i love mince…and pastry.  If you are bored with mince and pies, stop reading.


I love lentils too. Cheap and easy.  So I thought, why not combine them?

And here I present….spicy lentil and lamb pies. The perfect friday night meal.

First things. An onion is always a nice way to start the good smells in the kitchen. I like red ones, cos they are purdy.  He gets all chopped up reasonably fine.

Chopped onion ready to rock

Chopped onion ready to rock


Then, the onion gets reasonably lonely, so why not make him friends with an anchovy? Don’t be scared, he’s only as slimy as a used car salesman.  Throw some garlic in there too for good measure.

Anchovy Fillet

One solo Anchovy. All alone.


Then let these guys sweat in out for  a bit.


Sweating the veg

"it's a tad warm in here"


Now, Lentils and lamb are great. However we want to add some “jush” to this. So  a teaspoon of coriander and cumin are added.


Spices added

"Yellow....Is it me your looking for?"-You know the Lionel Richie classic 🙂


Then in with the Lamb mince to brown a bit, and then the lentils. ( I used tinned, because that was what was in the cupboards). And then some chicken stock-or whatever stock you have kicking around.


lentil and lamb mix

"Blob blob blob".


Now whilst this is cooking, taste it. I like it with a bit of a kick, so a few glugs of Louisiana hot sauce are always welcome. Anything with a peppery piquancy is perfect!


Right. once it has absorbed most of the liquid take it off and let it cool.  Get your pastry out of the freezer-I used puff sheets. I just don’t have the time to faff around making puff pastry.

I made squares, but rounds are easy too.


Lay it out, filling in the middle, then folded, crimped and eggwashed.

Pies ready for the oven

Quick eggwash and then it's time for baking


Reasonably hot oven(about 190) and 20 minutes later……..


Spicy Lentil 'n' Lamb pies ready for scoffing.

Spicy Lentil 'n' Lamb pies ready for scoffing. Wine is a great addition to the recipe and cooking process.

Really easy. Really cheap. And scoffed. These reheat really well, and with summer pretty much here, perfect for picnics!




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