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Chicken, leek and tarragon pies.

September 20, 2011

Pies. What can’t they do.

They can cure a hangover, cover you in pastry flakes, provide a wrapper for all kinds of fillings, be savoury or sweet, and fit in the palm of your hand.

I like pies.

No, actually I LOVE PIES.

My fave has to be steak and cheese, but today I had some chicken to use up. It was frozen, and had been defrosted, so it was to the kitchen to make stuff.

Today its going to be chicken pies. But as they say on telly, just a wee bit fancy. Chicken, leek and tarragon  I reckon.

Right, choppity chop!

Who leeked?

Slice some leeks. Sweat ’em with a bit of garlic and olive oil. Till nice and soft.

Stirring the bubblin' broth.

Now, I’m being cheap and dont have any stock in the cupboard. So its just going to have to be water with some salt n pepper. And of course, what marries well with some chicky? TARRAGON.

On a side note I managed to KILL a microwave when I was working early on in my youth. Using the microwave to reduce some vinegar and tarragon for a dressing. It boiled over….and Mr microwave DID NOT like it.

Anyways to this nice broth, some small diced chicken breast is added. Real small, because I dont want to overcook it.

Chicken. Chopped.

Few mins later its done!

Then out with the goodies.


Then the sauce goes back in the pan in the pan, and then thicken it a bit with cornflour. Usually I’d reduce it, but I’m worried about it being a bit too salty.

Now tonight I’m thinking individual pies. That way I’ve got lunch sorted!

Muffin tins are prepped.

Yes, its store-bought pastry. Do YOU make your own puff pastry?

Filling is added.

Pies. Slighty naked.

Capped, washed and ovened.

Blurry for heat effect.

Done and done.

Mr Puffy was feeling...well....kinda puffy.

Alternate view for the the directors commentary fans.

I also made another one with shortcrust that I had kickin around.

More of a classy number. Something you could take home to mum.

Verdict on these….mega noms up! Tasted so so good.

Even managed to impress the peeps with these at work, made the kitchen smell nice and tarragon-y….(I guess thats a word?)

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  1. November 5, 2011 7:25 pm

    You definitely can’t beat a pie. I’ve been getting back into home made pies recently – made first pork pies last weekend. Need to perfect pastry making, or should say pastry rolling, but they always taste good. I spy my tarragon in the herb bed waving at me yesterday so will take your inspiration this week I think. Perhaps not a pie but maybe a chicken, leek and tarragon fricassee.

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