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Chunky Smoked Hoki Chowder

August 12, 2011

Its winter. Its cold. those in the know reach for soup in these trying times. Me, I think along the same lines as the Jello Biafra and his Dead Kennedys. “Soup is good food”.

However, a plain ‘ol tomato or Leek ‘n’ Potato just isnt going to cut today. This boy needs some chunks.

So I have this. Smoked Hoki. great value, these slabs were 5 bux. Ok, its frozen, but its a nice piece of protein, and what I’m going to do with it is magical.

Fish anyone? Yessir-two slabs please!

Now, I need some starch. Nice diced potatoes go into the pot.  Cooked until tender.

Cubed and cooked. Just like all good spuds should be.

Once they are done, its time to make a veloute.(like VELVET silly). Butter, flour, and then some stock to make a smooth velvetly mix.(There is some leeks in there that been sweated earlier).

Velvetyness is on its way...


Then, my dirty little secret. A little Harissa paste, to add some colour, and a nice warming zing to the proceedings. Or should I say “my spicy and interesting bit on the side”.

Then the diced fish.


Cook for  a couple of mins, then serve. Beautiful, nourishing, and much like me: Cheap.

A soup fit for a king. Or half an Elvis.



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