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Sloppy Joes and Dirty hoes.

August 4, 2011

It was  a saturday, and shopping day was still a few days away.

To the freezer! Found some pork mince. I LOVE pork mince. SO versatile, and pretty darn economical. Plus the fat content is good.

Mincy. Porky. Nommy.

And, everyone knows that New Zealand is famous for books about doing thousands of things with mince. And why the hell not I say! You can do heaps and heaps and heaps!

All I could think of Sloppy Joes, although the extent of my knowledge of those is the Simpsons, and some other cartoons. Wikipedia tells me that they are pretty much mince with hamburger buns.

So screw that, I’ve only got Pitas.

So, here I was armed with half a kilo of pork mince…..and some veg.

You veges have got the chop!

Bit of  leek, bok choy and mushrooms get a quick sweat.

Gonna make you sweat....*80's toones*

Add a tin of chopped tomatoes. (the great Pantry standby).

I recently read an american gardening blog about tomatoes, and they were calling them 'Maters. My new fave term.

Simmer for a bit, add a few mixed herbs and some tomato paste. Plus a bit of feta for saltiness.

Then into the oven, to dry out a little.

Cooking down for ultimate nom-ness. This was a rich rich sauce. Hairs on chest were sprouted.

After 20 mins,  out it comes, and into some pita pockets.

Dinner is served. Not to sloppy, but pretty goddamn tasty.

Totally nommerific!

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