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Lentil, Bacon and Harissa Winter Warmer.

July 15, 2011

Now I’m not sure about you, but winter in the Wairarapa is just brutal. I hate the cold, and it’s just starting to turn these last few weeks.

This was on the top of a bucket of water in the garden this morning.....

Now that I’m a dad, I’m trying really hard to make nutritious meals, on a budget. Becoming quite the bargain hunter at the supermarket(yep-thats one of my duties now!). And after all the RUBBISH news of food prices, and skyrocketing stuff going on, I relish in making things that are an efficient use of money.

I like lentils, and so does my wife. But they can be BORING. Cue boring tasteless student food, with no seasoning, slopped up in cracked bowls, and a grimace.

Never Fear! There is one thing that can save Lentils. Sorry vegetarians, but its BACON. Salty, smoky, beautiful bacon.

Bacon. You sexy fatty beast

And also HARISSA. I’m on a bit of a Harissa kick at the moment, this Tunsian chili concoction has warmed my cockles and my heart.


So, I went about it this way.

Sweat some onions and garlic.

"gonna make you sweat"

Add the bacon bones(CHEAP!)-I’d chopped these a tad smaller to fit in the pot. Then a couple of spoons of Harissa. Let the Bacon and onions cook in this for a bit.


Then some red lentils and stock. I used chicken, but vege would be fine.

Bones and lentils. The making of something purdy......I guess.


Up to the boil then a simmer until the lentils are tender.

Check out the colour. Its orange/red. Which is like FIRE. Which means WARMTH. (are you hearing this toes….?)



Then the bacon bones are removed, the meaty stuff chopped up finely.

Then back into the pot, and served with some crusty bread.


Hells yeah, Dinner is done!

Perfect winter nourishment, and one that pleases a crowd. Bonus points-its wont break the bank.

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