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If you like animals, you’ll love LAMB!

May 14, 2011

First-apologies for the delay between posts. Baby takes preference! And now he’s almost a month old, his noms are more important than mine! Although his are pretty much the same all the time.(Milk, milk and more milk).

During the weekly shop, I was really on the lookout for something a little different. And of late lamb has been ludicrously expensive. Still like everything else, we export the good stuff.

However, Pak n Slave has a $6 meat section, which sometimes throws up some good ‘uns.  Usually its Chicken Maryland, or some chicken wings. But this week was different. LAMB. Ok, it’s just chops, but four of them for SIX BUCKS.  400 grams of meaty, slighty fatty goodness.

LambFour for 6 bux!

Now, With baby in the house, I have been told to cut down on the amounts of garlic/hot sauce/chili etc.  Apparently bubs doesn’t like it and I’m a fan of sleeping.

So’s I head to the cupboard, and in a fury of chopping/hunting/gathering-make this!

Leeks/onions/beef stock/mint

Leeks/onions/beef stock/mint

A cacophony of stock/leeks/onions/mint with a little help from Mr Worcester, red wine vinegar(to help cut through the fatty/salty) and some soy for colour.

the usual suspects

The usual suspects-Nothing but the finest here!

Now this potion needs some meat. So I brown off those suckers-note my new cast Iron Pan. Thanks sale at Briscoes!

Lamb in the pan stan.

"it's so warm in here..."

Once they got a bit of a tan goin, into the potion they went, then into a slow oven at 160 degrees.

Now…I need something else. Spuds are good. and boring. And related to Deadly Nightshade apparently.  So I need a beer first.

Emersons Book Binder. Delicious, and nutritious.(and only 3.7 alc)

Then, its came to me. FREAKING HASSELBACK POTATOES. Peeled, sliced and into the oven tray.

mmm...warm and toasty.

Now, time to relax while these cook. In the meantime, here’s yet another cat pic.


Now, I know some people are dirty pervs so here’s an action shot

Hasselbacks-dont they look like Slaters?

So this went on for a while, until this!

Finished! Lamb with rich rich gravy and hasselback potatoes. OM NOM.

Not too much work, for a really hearty and nice wintery meal. And to be honest I went back twice for more of that oniony/leek gravy goodness. I think I might just make some of that to have with chips one day.

Til next time….


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