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Vegan banana muffins

January 30, 2011


I look to the cupboards, find waaaaay to many brown bananas on the bench. And in summer time the flies tend to like ’em. I’ve got a day off, and am a hungry hungry hippo.

To be honest, the only way I eat bananas is in a smoothie or baked goods. I know they are full of goodness etc, but ick. The texture alone is enough to put me off. Caramelized dehydrated ones however-hold me back!

Brown 'nanas aren't the most attractive of the fruits.

I’m thinking, cos it’s my Sunday(well it’s actually Saturday-but I work Sundays so I’m totally outta whack)-MUFFINS! You know the things that people have when they

“DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO HAVE CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!”-Thanks Kitchen Confidential-how i love thee.

However, we have no butter. Or measuring spoons. And probably no eggs. So off to the Briscoes sale and I gots me this!

Measuring spoon of death.

And no eggs, or butter. But at least I can measure stuff now. I love being an adult-cos I bought cup measures, and a new set of tongs!

So, I think like a vegan. ie: What can I have, instead of what can’t I have.  And now I have the iMac in the Dining room, Google is my Pal.

I give full credit to this recipe.

So now I have a recipe, do I even have the basics? Turns out YES! Apart from Cardamom-but no biggie.

Ready for action

And then, taking out all frustrations of last week, i mush the ‘nanas.

Yeah, I used a whisk. Beat those bananas bad.

Then, following the recipe-which was awesome by the way, added the other goodies.

almost mixed up goodness

Then dropped ’em into the tin.

Dodgy pic to show my complete lack of consistency in quantity.

25 minutes later in the oven, and out came these!


And of course, obligatory shot with margarine on top-to keep with the vegan theme.

Money shot. Supported by Masking tape and beehive water dispenser.

In closing-these are awesome. Really easy to make, and a great use for skanky bananas. Half a cup of oil might be scary to some, but these are so moist and yum. The bananas make for a great texture, and a fantastic crowd pleaser. I give them two noms up!


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