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Epic Venison Noms

January 28, 2011

So last night I started going thru the freezer for something to Nom.

I found this…

Tasty Venison Filet noms

mmmm...Tasty Venison Filet Noms.

A Quick defrost gave the above.

Now because my wife is pregnant-its a big NO NO to have medium/rare meat. Which is the way I’d normally treat this wonder of nature.(It was from the Brother in law, so wild…not farmed rubbish).

So’s…I puts me thinking cap on, and decide on a braise.  That way it’s still tender, and tastes good reheated later on.

I also found out an interesting thing….Kittens LOVE Venison.


Myf, after a small Bambi Munch.


So then , I perused the fridge, found an onion, and some mushrooms.

Red onions

Red Onions, sweating like little piggies

Button mushrooms

Oh button Mushrooms. Give me some of that B Vitamin goodness.

Chopped up these, and add them with the browned meat.  Covered in some stock-and let the cooking begin!

Whilst cooking, I was listening to “The Roots-How I got Over”.  Great album. If you haven’t got it-GET IT!  I have it on vinyl and seriously, it kills. Totally.

Getting away on me a little.

Now I can hear the purists: He said BRAISING! Well it is partially covered meat, on a slow heat. Technically anyways.

Well while this was trucking along, it needed a little something. Then I remember something my sister had given me:


Bag O'green. Jordanian Zatar

Jordanian Zatar. The pungent Thyme. This stuff is awesome, gives it a big hit.  So in goes a couple of spoons of that to the broth.

Simmer for a couple more minutes. The Zatar even thickens it slightly (take that cornflour!).

Then we serve with some cous cous. I use instant because I’m lazy. And top with sour cream to enrich.

dinner is served

Wild Venison with Zatar and Cous Cous.

That was so goddamn good, its making me hungry again.

Till Next Time,


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